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Dear Shopify support,

My store is not converting visitors after I spent $500USD++ on paid ads, because of: Page Not Found; Sorry, this store is unavailable; 404; and a wrong redirect to an old theme (Fashionopolis) that I bought, but removed and transferred the domain to a new theme District.

Please look into this ASAP and help, I have been wondering why after running ads successfully for the almost a month, I keep getting customer feedback that they cant find anything on my store.




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The link you sent is not hosted on a Shopify store. You can certify your store is hosted on Shopify by typing "/admin" after the URL, in your case it does not show anything:


This website you sent is hosted on Hivelocity which is something completely different to Shopify.
In actuality the website sent unfortunately does not seem to have anything to do with Shopify.

Seems like you had a different store with the same domain and you didn't transfer this domain to your new Shopify store, it's still connected to some older store.

Either way, make sure you either contact Shopify support via e-mail/phone or hire a Shopify expert to assist you you further.

This specific forum - technical - is for issues related to your Shopify theme code. I'm afraid there won't be many enlightening answers to your situation in here.

Kind regards,

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