Page Speed - Errors on PageSpeed Insights and GT Metrix

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Hello, This is my first post. I am new to designing ecommerce stores and I am wondering about the errors I am seeing on website speed tools like pagespeed insights.

My store is -

Theme - Booster theme 3.0.1


Google PageSpeed tool:

-Eliminate Render Blocking Resources

-Defer offscreen images

-Reduce impact of 3rd party code

-Avoid excessive DOM size

-Minimize Main thread work

-Reduce JavaScript execution time


GT Metrix:

-Add Expire Headers

-Make Fewer HTTP Requests

-Minify Java Script and CSS

-Reduce DOM elements

-optimize order of styles and scripts

-Leverage browser caching

-Defer Parsing Javascript


I am trying to figure out what is Shopify, what is my theme and what is other stuff I can fix?


Can anyone help me understand this? I have googled for hours and spoke to a guru. They suggested I go here or talk to expert. I appreciate any help! Thanks!