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Hi all,


I am currently having a lot of issues with page speed. When running my pages through Google PageSpeed Insights, most of my product pages are scoring high on Desktop, but very very low and slow on Mobile.


Main recommendation is to minimize the main threadwork and reduve Javascript execution time (and I have no clue what any of those things mean or what to do about it!).


I've tried deleting unused apps, but hasn't made much difference. Can anyone please take a look and give me some advice? I would really appreciate it.


Website is


Thanks all :)

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Hi, GJbones,


This is Song Fei from Giraffly company which develops apps for Shopify. What theme are you using now? I think your problem is caused by the theme which may not support Mobile version well.


So  I recommend you to contact the theme designer first. And if the problem still exist, you can try our app -- Page Speed Boost


It uses the cheating latency which helps you preloading a page right before a user clicks on it. There is a time between a user hover the mouse over a link and actually click on it. That time is so quick and people won't even notice while our App detects and takes good advantage of that time and do a just-in-time preloading for that page. So when you click on that link, that pre-loaded page opens instantly. This principle works on mobile as well, as when a user touching a link and before releasing it leaves PageSpeed Boost a good time to preload that page.


And you can see more instruction here: Page Speed Boost. It's an amazing app!


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Hello Friend

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@gjbones Try putting an async or defer attribute on the <script> tags that are listed in your theme.liquid.

Here's a good link about how to do so (provided you're semi-comfortable editing the theme). You could do it in a duplicated theme and run the GPSI tests on the preview link you can copy from the bottom bar.

FYI, you may need to remove some of the attributes in order to get your page to load, but by trial and error you might just find the one that's blocking the main thread.