Page selector - collection list root

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A developer I no longer work with coded an alternative version of the collection list page.

The result is a vertical slider with the collection title image on the left and product images on the right side. 

So now I have two collection list pages templates available in the code. One collection list "original" (a grid with all categories/collections) and one collection list "slider."


I now have two problems:


  1. The collection list "original" should be available in the page selector in the theme editor to customize this page. Right now, I only can pick the slider version via the page selector.
  2. Somehow only the collection list slider is selectable in the admin area through the navigation. The Link "all collections" now links to the collections list slider instead of the collection list original. I want to change this. I want to link "all collections" to the original collection list. The collection list slider should linkable with another menu-link. I hope you understand me here.


Where and what kind of adjustments I have to make?

Thank you!