Page title doesnt match the title mentioned on page title (seo) on product page.

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Hi, I use the warehouse theme. In the product section, I have mentioned the page title and meta tags. 


However, on the actual product page and the code in it, the page title and meta description are different. how do I change this? 


I am working on my website SEO and the report say that the current page titles and meta descriptions are too long. I want to make this shorter and match the page titles and meta description i have written on the product page under search engine listing preview. or where else do i go and change this current page title to what i want to be shown? Please help. 

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Find how the theme is creating <title> tags, understand it, change it. 

Most common place to start is in the themes.liquid file, however not every theme is coded the same, so there's no one size fits all.  Then edit the liquid code in there to output <title> and meta tags that fit the pattern you want.

An alternative approach is to use an SEO app, but I've seen a few cases where this results in dupe titles and all sorts of mess, they will often auto-edit themes, in an attempt to be helpful.

I'd recommend getting your dev, or someone famil with liquid and HTML to edit the theme to how you want it, should be an easy Upwork or Shopify Expert job if you wanted to go down that route. Or learn it yourself. Be aware of the risks of editing your theme without knowing what you're doing though.

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