Pagination stopped working in collection template

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I have a large collection of products, I start and end pagination using the below code this was working as intended, however, recently the product list has grown to 10,000+  and now when I navigate to the next page the URL is updated but it only shows the products from the first page whether I navigate to a low page or a high page. 


I've tried some custom js to get all the products creating an 'infinite' scroll effect but I still only get results from the first page. Has anyone run into a similar issue? 



{% paginate collection.products by limit %}

    {% if paginate.pages > 1 %}
      {% include 'pagination' %}
    {% endif %}

{% endpaginate %}


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If you're using JavaScript to show the results that little snippet of code may not be relevant anymore. Can you share a link to the collection page that you're having issues with?

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