Partial (Wildcard) Search Function for Testament Theme

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Good day,


I need to get the search box in the top bar and on the Search page to function in a more user-friendly way.


Currently, you have to add an asterisk to a partial word eg; vit* to get results of all products with "vit" in its name. If you leave the asterisk off, the results return nothing. Users are not going to know they need to add the asterisk in to search for products if they only use a partial word. We would like for them to be able to use part of a word to show all the related products. With long words like "Effervescent", some users may struggle to fill in the complete word. A simple, quick search of "effer" should return results featuring all the effervescent products. Don't know why this is not a standard setup, to be honest?


I have searched these forums and tried a few of the suggestions but nothing is working for the Testament theme. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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Was there a solution for this?? I have the exact same problem. 

I am working in Debut theme.