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Hello, my site, is loading extremely slowly. The homepage and any "pages" load very fast and have been optimized. But anything having to do with the loading of product categories and everything on the back end in dealing with changing settings is extremely slow. It takes about 10 seconds just to click "NFL" and have it show the "NFL" team names. Then, when you pick a team, it takes another 10 seconds to show the sub-categories in that team collection.  It seems even slower when on the back end trying to edit or change things there.


It is true that there has been custom code added in the last few weeks which has given me another level of navigation/sub-category, but I assure you, the site was the exact same speed before any custom coding took place.


I hired someone to do this job already and he failed. He got the homepage and other pages loading fast, but not the product pages, and that's what really counts. He kept arguing that it must be the custom code and simply would not believe the site has been this slow since day one.


According to GTMetrix, I failed the CDN test, but according to Shopify, they have dual CDN, so why would that fail and how much of an issue is it?


It also says I've failed the Add Expires Headers, but I have no clue what that means or how much it is slowing down my site, if any.


I sure hope you guys can help me figure all this out.  I've been spending a ton of money and haven't launched or even submitted to the search engines yet, so I need to get in business ASAP so I can hopefully start recouping some of my investment, but I can't launch and promote a site that takes 10 seconds to load every page.






Hi Jason,

Checked your site product page :

Scores looks good on mobile and desktop.


Some issues and findings that we have observed are :

1. CDN is used for product images.

2. Probably lazy loading not applied that's the reason it says "Defer offscreen images "

3. Instead of font awesome we recommend use of SVG if possible else an alternate font till font awesome is downloaded as this will reduce "First Meaningful Paint" which is crucial and should be less then 2.5 seconds( presently it is 3+ seconds).

4.Properly size images: there is some scope on this but not much.

5. Create critical css.

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To address your other points:

1) Your home page is still unoptimized. For example You're loading several 1200px images on mobile:


To give reference, the largest mobile device is typically less than 500px.


2) You mentioned GTMetrix, that's a good tool to get general ideas but for Shopify sites the scoring / recommendations don't line up well.


3) NFL page, it seemed to load fine for me, but I did see a console error. This can indicate a problem in your code. Sometimes this can lead to issues in performance.

console error.jpg



I would start with taking care of known Shopify optimization points (based on the Shopify Analyzer tool). You can use our free guides linked from there to optimize your site, or you can contact us to handle them if you want to save your time.


After you have the standard optimizations, if you're still not satisfied with your site speed, contact me or my team and we'll get an optimization expert to analyze your site from the inside and get you fixed up 👍

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