Pass Liquid Variables to separate JavaScript file?

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I have been playing with Variable Scope to make reusable components.

For example: 

{%- include 'modal', id: 'modal', onClick: 'modalBtn' -%}

We can pass key: value pairs to the snippet where a variable can be reassigned within the variable scope.

I was wondering if there were some way to do this by sending variables to a separate js file.

For example:

<!-- Liquid File -->
{{ 'modal.js' | asset_url | script_tag, id: "modal", onClick: "modalBtn" }}

<!-- JavaScript File -->
var modal = document.getElementById(id);
var btn = document.getElementById(onClick);

 Why would I want to do this?

I am running all js through webpack and it would be neat to send all js through compilation. Probably not possible but thought it would be cool to get some ideas here.

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You can't pass custom liquid variables to asset files. What you can do is set some js variables in inline <script> tags and create some variables or a json object where your values are set by your liquid variables or just static text.

var modalConfig = {
  "id": "modal",
  "onClick": "modalBtn"