Payment added too many times! HELP!

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I attempted to add payment for domain and payment plan and stated I added a payment too many time. called my credit card bank and stated everything is functioning and this is the merchant security. I tried finding contact support, but they no longer have a phone number or live chat. please help.!


Hi UprightGadgets,

Visit the below link and sign in to your Shopify account. Once there, you can then search you question to see if any related information shows within support forums. If you still want to speak with someone in person then scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find a button 'Get Support'. Remember you will first need to search for your topic to see this button.

Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 08.18.17.png

Click this 'Get Support' button and it will take you to a page with a few selections. Chat, Email, Call Back and Twitter are the current choices, and I would suggest using the Chat feature or Call Back feature where someone from Shopify will call you within an hour or so.

Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 08.18.23.png

I hope this helps, if so please mark as solved for others with the same question in the future.


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