Paypal express checkout unreliable. Is there a fix?

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Hi, I have Paypal express checkout activated on my shopify store but it seems to be unreliable, especially on mobile.  Most of the time it works but there are times when it doesn't appear to connect or it times out before payment is made.  I have customers message me asking if their order has gone through and usually I find that it hasn't.  Seeing as most of my customers prefer Paypal this is affecting the sales from my store.  I've just checked on my mobile and Paypal express checkout wasn't available at all - it took me through the Shopify checkout process instead.

Is there any way to check whether it's working at any given time?

What is going wrong?   Is there a fix for this? 

Many thanks


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Hi @DianeK 

Hope you're having a great day!

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Paypal payment gateway.

Can you tell me if you have the Dynamic checkout button enabled?

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Hi, sorry about the delay, but I hadn't seen the message here.

I've had dynamic checkout turned on, and without and have had issues with both I think.

I also have issues with the Shop pay checkout too, according to my frustrated potential customers.

I emailed support yesterday to say that a customer has a bank statement saying the payment went through at their end, but my store has taken her details, but no order or payment went through. 

My customers are losing trust. Please can you deduce what's happening please?