Personal hosting and SSL

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I'd like to use an external hosting to perform processing on my server following the various possible actions in my store (thanks to shopify webhooks). For this, I bought a domain name and hosting from GoDaddy.

I wanted to use the domain name for the store, so I made a redirection with the DNS and it works. However, I'd like to be able to use my hosting to receive the webhooks I configured on the admin panel, and process information on my side.

I thought about the possibility of a sub-domain. However in this case, how to make it work without having to buy a SSL certificate dedicated to this sub-domain? (webhooks must point to an HTTPS endpoint).

Is there another solution through Shopify admin configuration ?

If not, is there a possibility to exclude a particular folder from DNS redirection (on Godaddy) ? For example, and every folders inside would be redirected to Shopify but not, it would stay connected to the GoDaddy hosting.

The final goal is to use both the store and my external hosting without multiplying the certificate costs, regardless of the domain/subdomain configuration.

Thanks for your help.