Pictures Show When I Check But Customers Don't See Them, And Customer Get's Shopify Signup Form

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I've been searching for answers within these posts, on Google, and on You Tube and cannot find the answer. My store is supposed to launch on Saturday and I was pretty confident that I did everything according to what I read. I only see my products and pictures posted when I look at my store from the url, and tap Catalog. I only see sample graphic pictures under Home even though I have all my products checked off with Home under Categories. I have the Brooklyn theme and I took off my pass code and had a friend try to make a purchase and:

1. They see no pictures whatsoever on their Iphone, not under Home nor under Catalog, only the sample graphics. I double checked and everything is checked visible, and like I said I can see my products and photos from the Catalog menu. I went through my them settings 4 or 5 times and don't see anything wrong. 

2. She sees the Product Sort By menu but when she clicks on that she gets nothing.

3. When she went to sign up for my store she ended up signing up for Shopify and not my store. 

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I do have calls into experts but nothing yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm am obviously in completely over my headd!