Pipeline theme - Issues with cart

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Hello Shopify community,

I am using the Pipeline theme for my store which is just about to be launched.

Things are going pretty well but I am experiencing a few issues with my popup cart, which I have described below (+ printscreen with "problems" highlighted) :

  • Currency : my store is in €, everything is set up in €... but the 'go to checkout' button shows a dollar -> any idea how to change this?
  • Scrollbar : the cart displays two scrollbars on the right hand side even though there is no content overflowing. I find it makes things look pretty ugly and I didn't see that in the demo versions of Pipeline. Would you have any insights into how to change this? I think I saw the scrollbar on another popup so the issue may not be limited to cart...
  • Button margin : I feel the button could be styled a little differently by adding left, right and bottom margin (it doesn't feel right as it is) -> any thoughts ?...

My store address : https://omaj-acheteurs.myshopify.com/

It will be password protected until later today (19th July), password : awasea

Thank you very much for your help !