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Hi Shopify community, 

Hope all is well!

Second post today unfortunately... I am struggling with product filtering on my Pipeline theme.

I understand that there are 2 options available for me to set-up filtering within a collection page :

  • Tag filtering : add tags onto products with a groupe name and an underscore (e.g. : "Type_Skirt")
    • Good -> very simple and flexible
    • Less good -> cannot easily control sorting between filter groups and within a group (it is done alphabetically by default, with no easy way to change that)
  • Tag grouping : use the new Pipeline function to define tag groups and the associated tags (see printscreen below)
    • Good -> gives total control on filter group name, position in the side menu and tag order within a group
    • Less good -> need to manually add new tag values to the list if I want them to show

I am opening up a second-hand fashion store, meaning :

  • Product filtering is key for my users because they need to navigate easily through a long and diverse product list -> it would be great if I could organise my filtering menu by putting the most obvious filter groups first
  • Controlling the filter order within a category can also be useful, for example for ordering sizes (S, M, L rather than L, M, S alphabetically)
  • My product tags will change regularly : for example, each time I upload a product from a brand that has never been sold on the website, a new tag will be created and the list will probably be extremely long when it comes to brands (huge drawback when considering tag grouping in Pipeline, if I understand it correctly)

Would you have a recommendation, given my store specificities, as to which of the two options above I should be using for filtering? Any workarounds in mind regarding the remaining issues?

My store address : https://omaj-acheteurs.myshopify.com/

It will be password protected until later today (19th July), password : awasea

Thank you very much for your help !