Plant Theme - Mobile Product Display Help

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I am using the plant theme and am in severe need of help.


I am super pleased with the desktop look/feel, however the product page on mobile duplicates all the images I have and very ugily throws my images down a line instead of the layout that it has for desktop.  The 'mobile responsiveness' causes it to not display variation images like it does on desktop (i.e. when the variation is selected the image window shows that variation photo).


In essence:

  • the image display box is missing on mobile
  • images are just going down the page in a line
  • images are duplicated
  • no variant images display when a variant is selected.

I have contacted support numerous times for various theme related issues and it's always 'select a different option' or 'pay x dollars to have the code updated'.  Makes me really feel like i didn't get a complete working package.  Pretty frustrated.


Can anyone help?  Thank you, so much.