Pointing to a file that is changing regularly

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I have a javascript app in my store that uses google maps to pin our various resellers. The program consists of a script and a separate file containing addresses and coordinates.

I update the address file regularly. Ideally the javascript file would point to the file, "locations.json"

HOWEVER, when I delete the old file and re-upload the new file, the script still uses the old, deleted file. So the only way to update my app (which I have to do several times a month) is to upload the new locations file, change the script to include the appended numbers for the locations file, and then reupload the script and change the webpage to include the appended numbers on the script. This is tedious, time consuming, and error-prone.

Is there a way to just point to the base file name without including the appended numbers? (especially since the deleted file should theoretically be... deleted)