Poorly Implemented Post Purchase Upsell

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Hey Everyone!

Decided to test out the new post purchase upsell feature that's being integrated into Shopify Checkout. There seems to be a fundamental flaw however if you're using webhooks to forward orders to a fulfillment service API. There is no queue or delay in Shopify from sending the order while the order is in the on hold status pending any changes or upsells. Seems pretty poor to me that the webhook wouldn't be automatically delayed until the order has exited the on hold status and no further changes or automatic edits are made so now you end up in most cases receiving outdated data. 

Anyone else experiencing the same issue or has any work around apart from having to build out our own webhook queue or order editing api? Would be so nice if there was a webhook updated to support this new feature for when the order status has changed from on hold or the ability to delay the Order Created webhook until it's exited on hold status so we can receive accurate order data that isn't outdated. 

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Hi, @HerokuLiee 

It looks like you already succeed to integrate the new Post Purchase Upsell product feature. 

That's really what I'm looking for now.  I'm currently building a custom app, which should include the post purchase upsell functionality as well.

I thought shopify only allowed for some apps like Zipify, Recharge or so. 

I already submitted several articles related to it, but haven't got any replies. 


Can you please let me know how you implemented this feature?

As far as I know, this might be a useful. https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-APIs-SDKs/Post-purchase-upsells-within-Shopify-checkout/m-p/...

did you work with the Argo Checkout stuff?

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.