Price changing in bulk editing

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I have been changing my prices in bulk editing , I save it and it does show up in my store. then when i come back to finish the rest o my produces, it is showing the original price.

say something is 3.99, I change it 12.99 I change it in bulk editor and save it. It shows up 12.99 in my store. I come back it is showing 3.99 again and in my store. I  spent hours changing prices over again and it will not keep. 


Please help.

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If you want to change a price in bulk then you can use Shopify bulk editor and it will work without app.

1. Go to Admin.
2. Select products --> All products.
3. Select all product by a tick and selecting from the filter option
4. Click on Edit product
then change price

5. Save it.

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