Price won't show correctly on store.

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Hi there! 


I am very excited to be able to try this entire thing out. With that being said, I wanted to produce a print-on-demand type store that specializes in pet products (Specifically dogs).

The only problem is, I am having problems displaying the prices for my store. (Ps, I am still working on many aspects within the website, including product descriptions so please forgive me)

For example; I have priced the majority (of what is not on sale) of the sweater collection at $59.95 USD (Still testing to see if this is a reasonable price for the product - again, this website is in the works)

However, on the website, it's showing as 78.00 USD or so.

Looking for a solution for this odd price mix-up, and looking to see if there is any way I can have my Shopify store show the actual price I listed the product as. (59.00 USD and not 78.00 USD)

Also, where would this extra 19 dollars be going? I am confused haha.

Thank you