Print Item Number in Thank You page for Google Reviews

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We have the Google Reviews javascript on out Thank You page. I am trying to add the optional GTIN (Google product ID) of what customers purchased to this script. These two variables from Google Reviews js:


  "products": [{"gtin":"GTIN1"}, {"gtin":"GTIN2"}]


So far I have not been able to find the correct liquid variable(s) to replace "GTIN1" and "GTIN2" with.


Shopify Support told me to use  {{ variant.barcode }} - this gave a blank result. I have also tried:


{{ }} - blank result
{{|json }} - result of "null"


The perplexing thing is that {{|json }} works perfectly in a different script on the same page. 


I found one article about this (, which recommended using:


"products": [{% for item in order.line_items %}{"gtin":"{{ item.variant.barcode }}"}{% unless forloop.last %}, {% endunless %}{% endfor %}]

This code works for the second GTIN, but not the first. Result in source:


"products": [{"gtin":""}, {"gtin":"856862008018"}]


So I believe that is close but maybe needs a tweak?


Thank you to anyone who can help!