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Hi , 

I'm in the process of migrating my webshop from woocommerce to Shopify.

I use the Excelify app to ease the process.

When going to the process, the images are not uploaded in Shopify.
I've contacted the app support and together we've tried to upload them manually by url.

But when uploading the url , we always get the same error.

Examples of url's

The error is :
Media-upload mislukt
Sommige van je media konden niet worden geüpload, probeer het opnieuw.
Afbeelding: Mediabewerking mislukt
I don't know what is wrong with the image , I can access them easily and freely in Safari or Chrome.

When I download the image from the url , I can upload them through the admin panel.
But with around 2000 pictures , I don't want to do this process manually.

Tips & tricks ?

Kind regards

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We can try to build a script for this getting the raw data from the server and then generate the image from it after that try to push it to Shopify using API, let me know if I can help you with this.


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Hello @Silverspirit 

Renars here from Matrixify (Excelify).

Sorry to hear about your trouble, and glad to see that you already contacted us to look into the issue.
Not sure if this was mentioned in the support conversation, but usually the problem there would be that your WooCommerce store has some plugin or custom setup, which specifically does not allow programmatically to download images unless a browser is asking them. That is why both Shopify Admin manually and Shopify API via the app were not able to download the images.

I would suggest first contacting your WooCommerce store admin to look into what protection is and disable it. You can also look into what plugins your store has and if there is a specific plugin for that then disable it.

Let me know if that helps and if you need any more assistance.

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Thx for your support.
But I've tried to upload the files from a woo server and also from a server
with opencart.
Both servers are totally independent from eachother and the result is the

I know that the images are freely accessible because different bots from
different platforms like Amazon and other market places can pick up the
images by url.