Problem with FB-Pixel tracking when doing fb ads

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i started my first store and setup all correctly. I'm using the FB shopfiy app to add my fb pixel, business manager etc. I checked that all events are firing correctly on my shop. The Test-Events from the FB-Pixel showing that all relevant events are fired correctly.

 FB Event TrackingFB Event Tracking

No I'm running facebook ads to get traffic to my store, but the tracking seems to be broken. I literally get no landing page views or content views, but link clicks to my page. I use also hotjar to verify that the traffic is using my page correctly.

My shopify stats states in total 25 users for the 27.11.2020 and 13 came from social media, which is from my facebook campaign 



My hotjar tracking captured 20 visitors browsing my site. 

Pageviews - Hotjar.png

My FB campaign is getting no landing page views or content views. As the hotjar tracking is showing that 20 people are browsing my page there should be at least some fews views


The pixel catpured in total 14 page views


I don't know whats going wrong with my shop. For test purpose i disabled the cookie banner to exclude the app as a error source.

My site is Maybe someone know a solution for my tracking problem.

Thanks for your help.

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I've just checked quickly your website with the Pixel Helper Extension and it looks like everything is set up correctly. 

If you have just started running the ads, it takes Facebook some time before the ads are optimized, plus the reporting numbers might be also inaccurate - since your screenshot shows very low number of results it might be the case (yes, the reporting isn't 100% perfect).

I would also check the settings of the campaigns (mainly audience - if it's large enough for delivery, budget - if you invest enough so that the campaign's learning phase actually starts and the optimization for ad delivery - preferably use the landing page views).