Problem with code files (Prestige -theme)

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Hi Friends,

I have to create one specific page for my Shopify store (page.liquid). I use Prestige -theme.

I have done the following in code editor:

1. Templates >> Add new template

2. Name it: page.customized

3. Added the code which I use for one "signature"

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
  h5 {
  	font-family: 'Parisienne', cursive;
        font-size: 25px;


4. Save

5. Go to dashboard: pages >> open the right page

6. Template suffix: The file doesn't exist? Only the files which are there at the beginning of the process.

I tried this method with Simple -theme and it worked as it should.

I want to learn so all tips & tricks are welcome!


- KJ 

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Regarding my first question. The right template displays now. 

The next problem is:

- When I have chosen the right from "template suffix" >> Preview theme >> the H5 title does not show the right font - as it shows in the Simple theme?

Does some code somewhere in the files block the new H5 font?