Problems with the checkout section...

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Good day, 


I am trying to build my Shopify-store, I'm not very experienced and I am experiencing an issue right now. When I add a product to my cart and I go to the shopping cart and try to proceed I get this error message: "You must agree with the terms and conditions of sales to check out." 

I tried adding an checkout box, installed an app for this so it is possible to check this box but I'm still getting this message.. 


If I am on the product page and I click "Buy Now" I surpass this section. 

What do I need to do to fix this? 

Thank you very much for your assistance and help.. 

This is the message I get: 





Have you installed any apps recently that adds functionality to the checkout or cart page? 

Please share:
- your store URL;
- page URL with the issue you mention;
- storefront password (if your store has one).

I'll help you to the best of my ability.

Kind regards,

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Thank you very much, 

the store URL is: 

The checkout page is: 


This is the comment that pops up: 



I tried installing a app that adds a button that accept terms and conditions, but then I removed it. 
Now I tried installing a new one to see if this solves the problem but I still have  the same issue.. 

Thank you for your help..