Problems with verifying GSuite MX records

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My domain is from HostGator and it's hosted by Shopify; so I assumed that Shopify is using Open SRS or something similar for their hosting, at least that is what I have seen from videos.

So I could not actually click on any "manage" button in the Shopify admin to manage the DNS stuff, so I heard that you can try to contact Shopify live chat support to get the login credentials for Open SRS; however, Shopify said that quote "According to our internal team, you would need to contact your third-party domain provider and set it up there to be able to use G Suite".

Okay so I contacted my domain provider (HostGator, but I don't have hosting with them) and they was able to add the first 5 MX record address to the DNS (ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM, ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM, etc etc etc). I went on GSuite to make sure and those matched and those 5 MX records worked.

But on the 6th one for verification (example:, they tried like 3 separate times but it will not verify. GSuite says that address needs to be inserted into the Server/Mail Server/Value/Answer/Destination field with the priority of 15. Nothing that they or Shopify did has worked.

Is there something I'm missing or would it be best to get hosting with HostGator so I can do it myself?