Product Condition to Hide out of stock inventory overrides Continue Selling when Sold Out

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Hi All,


I have products in my store set to both "continue selling when sold out" and "stop selling when sold out".  I wanted to automatically hide sold out products from my website, so I went into my Collections and added a product condition "Inventory Stock is greater than 0".


My issue is now my collection is correctly hiding out of stock items that have 0 inventory and are marked "stop selling when sold out", BUT is also hiding products that have 0 inventory and are marked "continue selling when sold out".


I want customers to still see products in the collection that have 0 inventory, but can continue to be sold.  Is there some way I can make the continue selling when sold out take precedence over the product condition?




Hi  @kpm24,

If you are still looking for a solution, you can try our Push Down & Hide Out of Stock app. Our app hides only "stop selling when sold out" products when they are out of stock. Also, if an item is back in stock, it is published automatically.

Alternatively, you can also push down these out stock items to the bottom of the collection instead of hiding them. For the items that will be re-stocked, it is better for SEO.

You can find more details on our app page. It has a quick and easy setup. 

We have also a free plan, and if it is suitable for you, you can use it for free! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


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