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Good morning, 

We are currently in the process of signing up with a price comparison website called They have requested a product feed and stated Shopify should be able to generate one automatically. This is beyond my knowledge. Here's the requirements as set out on their website; 

"Faster updates – give us your price file
A price file helps to index the products and prices in your shop. It is placed on your servers and contains information about, for example, products, prices and stock status. We read the price file several times per day to keep the information on PriceSpy updated. If you use an e-commerce system, it’s very likely that it can create a price file automatically.

You register your price file while registering your shop. You can also register it afterwards by emailing our support. If you email us, you only send the link to the file, not the entire file. If you rename the price file, move it to another location, or make other changes that may affect our reading, please email us again.

If you haven’t got a price file, we will have to scan your shop using our agents. This has disadvantages for us, our users, and for you. The changes you make in your shop won’t be shown on the PriceSpy site as quickly, and scanning your shop may put a higher load on your servers.

Price file requirements:
The price file should should have a static URL that doesn't change.
The file does not have to be static, but can consist of a script that dynamically retrieves the information directly from the shop's database. If the file is static, make sure it’s updated frequently so that we always display the correct information on PriceSpy.
The price file can be a regular text file. We prefer text files to complex XML standards, but we fully support Google Shopping’s XML file. However, we do not support Excel files (xlxs, xls) or the like.
The fields in the price file should be separated by tabs, semicolons, or other appropriate characters not used in product names or other fields. Specify what each field contains in the first row of the file.
Different versions of the product, such as sizes or colours, should be listed as a new product with a unique name and article number. We group them in our system if appropriate.
The price file must contain your entire shop range."

If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful. 

Best wishes


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Hey mate, you can try your feed file.


If you want to send them info on all your products:


Or create a pricespy collection and add all products you would like to get them to display to it.


Let me know how you get on.


Kind Regards