Product Media video being compressed to a worse quality and file size than the original uploaded MP4

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I have uploaded a number of videos recently for various products, using the Media interface in the Product Editor:



The videos I upload are 1:1 ratio, 1080x1080 in MP4 format optimised for web play and come in around 3mb a piece. Here's one I uploaded directly to 'files' part of my site as an example for this forum post:


The video is processed when uploaded on the product editor and the final version comes out at 720x720 and around 25mb!!

Here's the product page where that same 1080x1080 3mb MP4 video above is rendered into a 720x720 25mb video:

How can I upload video product media that isn't going to halve in resolution and explode in size? Is there an explicit standard I can upload that will not go through automated compression attempts?

I am not interested in embedding YouTube or Vimeo links into pages, I wish to use the product media feature.


Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately I can not help you.

But maybe you can help me.

Your video looks great to me and we have the problem with Shopify message when we upload video to the product page.



Our developers tried to fix that somehow and now we have the video on product page but there is no thumbnail.

Can you help us somehow?

Here you can see that there is no right thumbnail of the video And the quality of video thumbnail on the big square is so so low.



Thank you!