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I started working for a company in their marketing division and sometime before I started the theme (Baizen which was bought off Envato) has started showing all of the product prices as zero dollars and then when you click on the product it will show as the actual price. My boss hired a company in the Denver area to build the company a website for her/my company and outsourced it out to Vietnam. I have contacted both the agency that developed the website as well as the theme developer and neither of them feels like helping me. I am by no means a coding professional but I can figure things out and it looks like the theme doesn't even have a product price snippet only a "shappify-csp-min-pric. liquid", yes you read that right it is spelled shappify inside the code. I started at this company a month ago and really just going through and doing housecleaning that nobody here knows what to do anything about this.

So what are my options here? This is frankly the biggest issue concerning the website right now but there are others as well, like a few product collections not showing. Should I just abandon the website and start over with a different theme or a completely different platform? I have uploaded photos of the issue and the photo of the stupid liquid price code, (remember there is no normal product-price.liquid snippet). Do any of you know an easy fix, if you have a solution and it works I will gladly venmo or Paypal you 20 bucks?





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Where is that snippet included? Post the code surrounding it.

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Shappify is now known as Bold, and they have a lot of apps, like Bold Product Options. So it's likely that one of these app (Customer specific pricing) was used and then not fully removed, causing these problems.

Unfortunately, I doubt this could be a $20 fix, especially since it's not one of the more popular themes.


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It looks like you are using a table art design theme.
You need to look code of the collection template then need to check the product grid item snippet.
The issue must be in the product grid snippet.
I can help you to troubleshoot the issue.

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