Product Price based on number of input characters

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Hi all,

I am setting up a webite where users should be able to type their name / word / business name into an input field on the product page.
So far this is pretty easy by either adding HTML or installing an app.

However, based on the number of characters entered by the user, the product price should be multiplied.
So for example I'm viewing a €5 product and I enter "Firstname" which has 9 characters, the total price should be €45.

I am visualizing something like an input box with a "calculate price" button next to it, so that a user can enter the text and then hit the calc button to see the total price.

I've already tried some customization apps and "product options" apps, but I can't find an app which has the ability to count the number of characters and show a price based on that count.

Do you guys know a way to implement this in my new store's product page?

Thank you in advance!