Product Price's not Appearing on Product Page

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Hey team! This may be a bit of a stretch to get a fix here but might as well give it a go.


Im changing up the theme for my store right now, and Im using one from the envato marketplace, everything is working fine, but for some reason the product price doesn't appear at all, on any of the products, single or multiple variation's, i wondered if it was something with the theme I edited a while back when i was playing around with it. But i reinstalled it and still no price, it may be an app but i think I've removed any app's and codes for apps that may have messed it up.


However the Compare at price show's up when different from the original price, The theme im using is Bixbang, like i said i know it may be a stretch to ask on here, and I haven't been able to get in contact with the original maker so thought might as well ask here. Just if you guys knew where I might be able to look to find a solution!


Cheers Team