Product Variants

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I am struggling to set up my product variants as I need them to display.

Basically, I sell prints that can be purchased as digital only, printed or framed.
The digital only files have no size as they can be printed to suit the customer
The printed & framed variants come in A3 or A4.

I need to have these options: Type (digital, printed or framed), size (A4/A3) & Frame Colour (for orders choosing the framed option)

If a customer selects digital only, I want the other variant boxes to be hidden (so they can't choose A3/A4)
If a customer chooses a printed option, I would like the size option to show but not the frame colour
If a customer chooses to have their print framed, then I would like all 3 options to be showing.

Please help me I've been trying to do this for hours & I can't get my head around it.