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Hi There 

We sell gel polish nail products and a good chunk of the descriptions are the same of each other but have slight differences.

I would like to know is there any way i can copy these in bulk as i have a bout 30 products and i want them to look all nice and clean on my site.

Just wondering if there is a easier solution rather than copy and pasting... also the duplicate option will not work as they have different pics etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers Lance 



you can Import products with a CSV file,

check this: 

otherwise you have to upload manually one by one, duplication is failed solution !

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Hey Lance

The best way would be to export a product from Shopify so you have the correct csv format. Then it would be a matter of duplicating the rows. Be careful you create a new handle for each new product as if you use the identical one it will override it on Shopify. You would need to add image links or go back into imported products and upload them. But at least all the identical data is already there so no need to copy and paste it in.



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