Product pricing not displaying correctly

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Wondering if anyone might be able to help out with our issue. We have a wholesale site and some of the products are not showing pricing correctly. I have searched through theme code but can not find anything. I did find some code via the web and seems to be were I need to make the edit, but I cant find in when looking through code in shopify admin. The pricing only shows wrong on the product page (see first image) but shows correctly in the cart (see second image) -- BONUS if you can tell me how to switch "price" & "qty" circled in blue in second image
Sale Ink 1.JPGSale Ink 2.JPG

This is the code I see on the web:

<span id="ProductPrice-product-template" itemprop="price" content="10.0">
$ 10.00

That "$10.00" is wrong, I don't know where it came from and I need to change that and this is what I can not find in shopify code. This is just one example of this issue, it is on other products as well.
Also, here is a screen shot of the pricing on the product while logged into shopify admin:
Sale Ink 3.JPG
I should mention that we use a custom theme and we are not interested in working with the creators of our theme.
ALSO... we have two sites, one for wholesale and one for direct sales, the same theme is used on both sites and we DO NOT have this pricing issue on the direct sales site. The issue only seems to show up on the wholesale site (you have to log into our wholesale site to see pricing, that is the only difference).
Any help is appreciated! Thank you!