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Hi! Hope someone can help me. I'm not great with code, but for some reason, the "You May Also Like" section of my product page is positioned over the product description text. Where can I change the margins for this? I went through product.liquid and didn't exactly know what I was looking for. I've included the image. 

Also, I am using Shogun.


Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 11.23.04 AM.png

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Hello There, 


Kindly share your store URL so that I can a take a further look and make assist you on it.


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Hi @elementsofaura0 

I hope that you are doing well. Karl from Shogun Page Builder here.

If the product description was edited within Shogun this may mean that your theme's template has a set height that your product description can be. This means that the theme template expects that the product description will be shorter, thus fitting in before the product recommendations are inserted onto the page. There are two options that we can offer for support of this issue,

  1. We can offer a snippet of code that removes the height restrictions from your product description
  2. We can advise that you cut down on the amount of content that is inside of the product description to ensure that this does not overlap your product recommendations section

The best option would be option 1 as it would not require you to change the content that you are using on the page itself. If you would like to go ahead with this it would be best to contact our support team directly with the link to the exact page that you are having an issue with and we would be happy to offer a workaround. Our team can be contacted at or via live chat on select plans.

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you.

Karl Jones | Team Lead, Technical Support, Shogun
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@Karl_J Thank you! I will contact you.