Product thumbnails not showing on Checkout screen

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Hi there,


I am currently facing an issue that the product thumbnails do not show on the checkout screen. From our React app, we use the shopify-buy module to build a client and call client.checkout.create() to generate a checkout webUrl. It is ok to display the image from aws s3 with a valid signed url in our system, but it does not show on the checkout page. Can someone help with this?

Here below is how I created the product along with a valid image url:

const shopifyProduct = {
        title: book.title,
        product_type: 'eBook',
        variants: => ({
          title: `${book.title}`,
          inventory_policy: 'continue',
          requires_shipping: false,
          option1: `${}`,
        images: [
            src: book.coverUrl,