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Hello guys,
I was looking for a Shopify app or a way to would like to import an XML products from a catalogue that is given from a third company that in Italy has all the database about drugs, supplements,ECC...
They told me this: ( I translate for you)
-Scheme is XML
- method 1: web services, remote grid interrogation by SOAP
- method 2: complete grid download and only variation by SOAP
I have also them instructions for this two methods but is written in Italian, if you need to check I can send you but you have to translate it.
This database has a lot of products, but I would like to choose which to use and which not based on the brand or other rules, is it possible? 
Do you know any app that can do this?
My Shopify store is :
Thank you
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Hi, I have used this plugin in the past.

What I would normally do is create a spreadsheet from the XML file of products that I want to import and then create the products from that. From there I would use the above app to check the feed for quantity and price changes on the products that I added.


Hope this helps.