Products migration from Magento 1 to Shopify

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Hello everyone,

hope you guys are doing we and being safe in this pandemic situation..

Let me first tell you that being not native in English, you might find several grammatical errors and I apologize before hand.

I'm finally keen to move my Magento store ran for 7 years to Shopify and i'm facing a big issue concerning the migration. I've checked all the current Magento's  extension that we are currently running and I've found something similar for Shopify, so I'd say i'm all set about the extension/app.

The issue comes to the migration. We have around 1000 configurable/bundle products (with 4 child/option each which make 4000 SKU) plus 1000+ simple products hence the a total of 6000 SKU. I've been searching all over the internet and I could only find migration tool or service that seems to be the main or rational choice but due to my past experience, when I tried to move from Magento 1 to Magento 2, the migration never worked out (tried with 3 different agencies). Now I don't want to face the same issue by moving the products from Magento to Shopify and my question is whether it's possibile to add all the products from scratch on the new Shopify platform rather than migrate them. I know it's time consuming,  but since my paste experience, checking after the automated migration was a time consuming too and still couldn't make it perfect

We have 3 or 4 people that could constantly add products every day and it would take from 2 to 3 weeks by adding them manually but the questions are the following:

1) Are we going to destroy all effort we have done by gaining SEO on the ranking so far?

2) By adding manually the products, can we add the old URL of the previous (actually current) website to make the redirect?

3) last but not the least, does it really make sense by adding the products manually? (if it's only because of time consuming, don't worry about it as we have enough people that can focus on that every day).

I really appreciate your answer or thought about my questions above, but unfortunately I couldn't find any answer on internet and I hope this will help someone who is on the same boat as me.

Thank you again!


Hello there,

if you are not tech savvy enough - we wouldn't recommend you migrate your current Magento store products to Shopify manually, because it can lead to data loss or duplication. Technically, Magento is the platform with the most intricate structure, so we would advise trusting your sensitive data to our company that guarantees 100% data security. Cart2Cart has 150,000+ data migrations on its count. Our tech team knows the peculiarities of the Magento to Shopify migration and will do our best to bring you the highest service level we can.

Check how you can migrate your store from Magento to Shopify via Cart2Cart by launching a free Demo migration. The list of currently supported entities for migration includes products, products categories, manufacturers, customers, orders, reviews, coupons, and another related data. Besides, you can improve your migration result even more by choosing any of the additional migration options Migrate customers groups into customer tags, preserve order IDs on new Shopify store, create 301 redirects after migration, etc

Feel free to contact us and we'll help you replatfrom stress-free.

Cart2Cart Team

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Hi @daichri , 

Actually, I have the same consideration as you when I migrate from BigCommerce to Shopify. Because I’m not a tech-savvy person so I had paid more attention to search about data migration providers on the Internet. Finally, I found LitExtension, and I used their All-in-One services, where my whole job was taken care of by their experts. They also updated all the information to me during the migration process. 

One of my concerns before migration was whether my sales and data were lost during the migration or not. Hopefully, they guarantee with me 100% uptime - this means no sales lost. That was exactly right. My BigCommerce store operated normally during that time, and then I could update the new rising data by using their re-migration or smart-update. And it was totally free for 3 months. 

Besides, LitExtension also provides various Additional Options to extend your data import functionality. I chose the SEO URLs Migration option, which helped me maintain my pages’ position on search engines after switching your platform. Plus, Create the 301 redirects options helped me avoid 404 error when customers accessed the old URLs, which maintained customer experience and also SEO ranking, too.

Their support service was really amazing. It’s absolutely free 24/7 and you can contact them via Skype or email. You can run the free demo on their website and feel free to ask them if you need further assistance.

Hope this information is useful to you.