Products not showing up on Pinterest.

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Hello support, 
Shopify store cookingtrendy dot com  We are in need of your help. We’ve connected our Shopify store to our Pinterest store. 
Under product status it says “Your products are all published as pins!” 546 products. Feeds says ACTIVE. Yet there are 0 pins showing up on our Pinterest store. 
We did receive an email saying “please fix your Pinterest tag to unlock the most accurate insights.”
After clicking on “View Issues” 
We see under “Page Visit” 
“Too few of the product IDs included in your page visit events match the product IDs in your catalog “. 
Same message under “Add To Cart”.  and under “Checkout”. 
Can you please help?  
Louis Fernandes 
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I am having the same problem. Only a few of my products are showing up, not all of them. 

Please advise.