Publish a change to a page at a later date

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Hi, I want to make some changes to product pages, blog posts, et cetera, but I don't want those changes to be published until a future date. I know I can create new product pages and blog posts that can be published in the future, but I want to change existing pages and have those pages published in the future. 


Any way to do this?

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You can easily achieve this by copying your existing modified theme.


In Shopify Admin, Click Online Store > Themes

Click Actions > Duplicate

At the bottom, you can see a Last Saved section

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 6.13.34 AM.png

Then find your copy of your current theme - it should be named "Copy of [your current theme name]"

You can then freely customize it to your liking and publish it anytime you want.


Hope this can help.


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I understand that, but are you telling me that makes copies of products and
pages I already have for that theme that can be edited independently of my
current products and pages? As it stands, any product or page or blog post
I change shows up immediately in the current theme.

That is, I believe product pages, blog posts, and general pages are independent of themes, aren't they?

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Yep, your products and all are already stored in your store. Your theme is just the face of your store.

You can even try, by going to the copied theme.

Click Actions > Preview

Then find your products, etc in the preview.

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Right, in that case I don't think what you propose will work. The products exist independently of the theme and changes to a product will reflect immediately, regardless of when the theme is set to publish.


For example, I'd like to change a product description for a currently existing product but I don't want that change to show until tomorrow. 


I don't believe changing the theme to publish tomorrow will change the product description.

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Future publishing of incremental changes is not supported you will need an app for this specific need or make one, especially if you want the publish date to be automatic.

But most apps for publishing are for releasing entire content, not really for incremental changes, though possibly rewind can do something.

If you use something like excelify you could prep your incremental changes in advance then use it to push changes when ready to publish.


Alternatively as @johnfrail has pointed out in a round about way, you could always make duplicates of things that are toggled unpublished then publish them later BUT lots of caveats:

Things like products, pages , etc will get new names and urls (typically a _1 or similar is appended to the originals url)

It quickly turns into a lot of work after a handful of items.


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Hey there, 


I built an easy to use app called Theme Scheduler Pro.


It allows you to easily schedule theme updates at a given date and time. 


Take a look and let me know if you have any questions! Happy to help you build an app that satisfies your needs.