Publish a product, but allow users to purchase only from a specific hour.

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Hi guys,
I've been using Shopify for almost three years now. My online website works this way: every Friday at 8PM I publish some products, as if it were a new collection, let's say.
The problem is that my customers started to ask me if I can publish my products before 8PM (for example half an hour before) just for letting them see the pictures, the descriptions, the sizes and stuff like that. But my users must not be able to purchase the items until 8PM. It's a sort of a countdown. How can I do? I should be able to publish some items with the "add to cart" disabled (or maybe with a message like "You can buy this item at 8PM"). And, of course, the product should become purchasable at that time. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Publish them, but set quantity to 0, this way they can't be purchased. Will be marked as "Sold Out", but wording can be modified.

You can use bulk product editing or CSV import-export to make it faster.


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