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Hello Everyone,
I have a question about the quality of the text on my images when I upload it to Shopify.

Well, I added some text to my image on photoshop and upload it to Shopify. The quality of the picture and the text on it is perfect, but when I upload it to Shopify the quality of the text decreases. The interesting part is the quality of the shape in the picture is still good but the words on the picture are very low quality.

Has anyone encountered such a problem in the past?
I am going to attach an example to make my question clearer. (First is the file I exported from photoshop and second is what on I see after I upload it to Shopify.) 

font quality test 9.jpgwhat it shows on shopify.PNG


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Shopify by default compresses all images, but, as far as I am aware, it's usually lossless. For reference there are two popular types of compression:

Lossy - compress image but also sacrifices quality to a certain degree;
Lossless - compress image without affecting quality.

In your case I believe the image could be being resized via code, thus sacrificing its quality. If this is the case you'll need a developer to check it for you.

On a side note I'd highly recommend using actual text instead of image for three main reasons:

1. Better SEO;
2. The text in this image will likely be too small on some devices to be readable whereas if it was actual text it would be properly resized with all the other text across the website. Additionally you could easily change the size via code;
3. Easily change the content of the text. If you want to change a word you'll need to go to the image editor, edit it, upload it again to the website and so and so forth. If you want to A/B test eventually it will be a huge headache.

Having this image's content coded in as a section so you could customize both the image/text would be a better alternative.
You could even have different images/text for different products.

Kind regards,

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