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Can anyone help me fix this problem I got on my dashboard home info

Some of your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for
People are searching for these terms on your online store but aren’t getting any results. You might want to add them to your product descriptions to help them out.
Search term Searches
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Looks like people are into products with "quicklinks", however none of your products have the word "quicklink" anywhere in the description. Do you have prodcuts, like jewelry, or any other products, that have quicklinks? If so, then just use Shopify admin to edit product description and add "quicklink" to it with a more or less context. That way, you'll help people searching for products with quicklinks find them.


If you have no products with quicklinks, maybe you have other products with a different locking, similar to quicklinks? In that case you can add "quicklink" to the description of these product, so people searching for quicklinks are still getting products with alternative locking systems.


If none of these apply, you can just ignore that warning, it's just a hint :)

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did you figure this out - i'm getting the same thing?


I would like to understand these "quicklink" results that are currently sorta ruining the search results, because I have no clue what customers are looking for nor do I understand what or which part of the site or Shopify produce these Quicklinks in my search reports.


I am still a bit green to the Shopify thing, so be gentle =) The site is here https://www.vapeweb.shop and here is a screenshot of the thing I speak of: http://prntscr.com/qno3ud


As you can see there are so many "quicklinks" and "not _gift" results and the remainder is a mile of 3, 2 or just one result and the further I go back the longer it gets. I am sure the 2k results must be generated somewhere and by someone, but I can't figure out why or how.


Thank you!