Quotes showing at the top of some store pages

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">"> These are showing at the top of some of my web pages. Not on the main page but the cart & product page. I can not figure out how to remove it. Help please. I am using the Debut theme

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Hello @khloe-boulevard ,

Seems html broken in the pages where it show these.
First try to check in theme.liquid and find, Is there any conditions used for product and cart page. If yes find and fix broken html.
Second try to check product.liquid and cart.liquid Now here find and fix the broken html.


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SOLVED: Had the same issue. Found the solution was to remove any Microsoft or Google Analytics meta info from the Homepage meta description found in your shopfront url usually at YOURSTORENAME.myshopify.com/admin/online_store/preferences

I got rid of these meta tags here. The analytics meta tags should be inserted into the store header code  (in the actual code - you'll need to research about this or get help if you don't understand how to do this).

Now I have a clean shop header! Yay!