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Hi looked at all the different answers on this but can't get anything to work . I have a 1 product store and would like to send the customer direct to the cart page when he clicks on add to cart in product page . I have searched in my theme.js and can't find any 'Cart' related script like this solution in an older post i guess my theme is updated and different 

Thank you very much


Find this code In asset->theme.js->find "$.post(params)".

If your theme contain this then follow this:

add location.href="/cart";

So it look like:


          function(item) {





This is an accepted solution.

In Debut this is a setting:

Admin > Customize > Check Out Icon > Theme Settings (bottom left of page) > Uncheck Add to Cart Notification

If you are not using Debut send a link to your store and will take a look.


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