Redirect to other product page through variant selection

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Hey everyone, hope you're alright!

I was hoping somebody could help me figure out how I could link to other products via the variant selection, here's an example of what I mean.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a possible solution online, I'm not even sure what I should look for exactly.


For example:
STRAWBERRY FLAVOR MILKSHAKE product page, but with variants to choose COCONUT or APPLE, when the variant is selected it takes you to the selected product page.


This would enable me to list the products in a category or specific products without having to make a million different products and variants.

I've been using an app that shows variant specific descriptions and it's great, but it's not ideal and I would have to create a lot of products seperately and would make inventory management a nightmare.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Although that does look like a variant, these are not actual variants. They are all individual products with no variants and they custom coded a dropdown to display those specific products as if they were variants. 

Either way, it would take some coding to achieve that, I'm afraid that unfortunately there is not a guiding/copy-paste solution. 

Out of curiosity, why would you like to redirect the customer to a new page instead of adding all variants to the "Escapist Candle" product instead?

Kind regards,

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Hey Diego, thanks for taking the time to respond to my question, much appreciated!

I think I found an app/theme that can do what I'm looking for so I'll spend some time exploring those options.

The reason as to why I'd want to do that instead of listing the products as variants is because I'll like to make the UX as simple as possible and not make stock keeping a nightmare.


I make home fragrance products and I'd like customers to be able to change their chosen scent and product type (candle, diffuser etc.) on the same page instead of having to go back and look for a different product. Of course I could have them as variants but I would still like to list the different scents as seperate products to fill up the store.
But that would likely make stock keeping an ordeal, especially without an additional app.


Thanks again for your explanation!

Kind regards