Redirects from old store (Closed) to the new store on Shopify

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Not sure if this is possible or if this is the right place to ask but figured it couldnt hurt.


I recently switched from etsy to shopify and closed down my etsy account. But google image search still has quite a few of my pictures linking back to my etsy store. Is there a way to redirect those to my new one? Or at least do a redirect from my old etsy store address to the new one? I'm sure i had quite a few people book mark it.

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It is possible that your domain provider has an option to redirect for you. I'd check with them to be sure. 

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Of course it's possible to create redirects from your Etsy to Shopify. Check out this tool, it helps you do it automatically with minimum price. Many have used it and said it's very well-functioning, you can look at the reviews on trustpilot: