Registration form fields don't repopulate

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Hi, I am having some trouble with the account self-registration form on a newly created shop: fields dont repopulate after an incomplete form is submitted. The shop is using the default theme, unedited, so I am reasonably sure this shouldn't be a theme/code problem.

Steps to reproduce:

  • In new store...
  • Visit the path: /account/register;
  • Fill-in just the first_name field;
  • Submit;
  • The page reloads (note, I have tried this both with and without the Google Captcha), errors display, but all fields are empty;

The template for that page contains this liquid code:

<input type="text" name="customer[first_name]" id="{{ formId }}-FirstName" {% if form.first_name %}value="{{ form.first_name }}"{% endif %} autocomplete="given-name">

It seems like "form.first_name" isn't set.

Is this a bug in Shopify itself? Or is something else going on?

Thanks in advance for thoughts or advice!

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Just following up with this - I have continued to tinker, but I still cannot get registration forms to repopulate. Other forms, yes: i.e. the newsletter form in the footer of the (un-edited) "debut" theme repopulates fine if an erroneous email address is entered. But no matter what I do, the /account/register page will not do the same. Its a problem because:

- someone enters an email address, but no password, and submits a form;

- The resulting page displays the form containing the "Password cant be blank" error (only). But, the email address is also now empty;

- Without doing anything, if I re-submit, I now get two errors "Password can't be blank" and Email can't be blank";

In fact, if a user submits the form containing any error at all (field missing; password too short; etc.), all data is lost and they need to start again. 

Just to reiterate, this is with the stock, unedited "debut" theme.

Is there a way to submit this to the Shopify Team as a bug other than tagging this with "bug report" and hoping it gets found by their team?