Remove Add to cart in collections (Airi Theme)

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Hi all,

I'm looking to remove the add to cart quick button on my home and collection page, as users need to customise their order before it gets added to their cart. I need to keep the add to cart button on the product page.

I've checked through every option in all the customise menus, if someone could possibly help with a bit of code and the relevant liquid or css file to pop it in would be amazing. It's been driving me nuts! Any help is massively appreciated.



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Hello Jc217!

Step 1: Select Themes
Make sure to log in your Shopify account firstly. Afterward, look for the Online Store button and tap on it. Then, it will automatically go to Themes.
Step 2: Choose Edit code
There are lots of themes shown. Choose the one you want and press on Actions next to it. A drop-down list will appear. Choose the Edit code button in it.
Step 3: Click the product-template-requires-contact.liquid file
In the Section directory, click the product-template-requires-contact.liquid file
Step 4: Find the code for Product form
Take a view of the product-template-requires-contact.liquid file. What you need to do is that find out the HTML code for the Product form. There is a tip for you. You can save your time by looking for the word form in the code. The fastest way you can carry out is that press on Ctrl + F in your keyboard. Then, type the word form into the textbox. Thanks to this, you can easily find out the code you expected
Step 5: Make a change to the code
After you’ve found the code for the Product form. Make sure that you wrap it in Liquid {% comment %} and {% endcomment %} tags. By doing this, you can stop the Add to cart button from being displayed to your clients. Look at the following example to be more transparent. It will look like this in the Narrative:

{% comment %}
{% include 'product-form' %}
{% endcomment %}
Step 6: Choose Save
Remember to choose the Save button to finish. Afterward, the Add to cart button has already hidden.

Hope this helps!


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